Profile - Katerina Tas

ID: 1309
First name: Katerina
Last name: Tas
Age: 28
Date of birth: 9 November 1989
Height: 165cm / 5'6''
Weight: 55 kg / 121 lb
Eyes: Brown
City: Kharkov
Marital Status: Never been married
Children: No
Wish to have children: Yes
Languages: English
Education: Higher
Occupation: Freelancer
Interests and hobbies:
Not indicated
Additional information about myself:
My character… I am different in different situations! At first you may seem I am very calm but to tell you the truth I am very impulsive! I like doing everything at fool speed! I always reach my aims! I am very easy going and down to earth. I have a lot of friends and like spending time with them, they often ask my advice and I am always ready to help and support in difficult situation or be happy for my friends when they are in their high spirits! I dislike injustice and always fight for fairness! My interests… hmmm… a lot of them! I am surely a woman of art! I am very fond of poetry and drawing! I devote to it much of my time. I like reading interesting literature, adore Russian and foreign authors! I like cinemas and theaters! I like the play of actors! Go in for sport from time to time, because I know I have to be in good shape! Also I like travels, museums, music, different exhibitions, I enjoy taking pictures and to be shoot myself! Of course I enjoy cooking, my future husband will never feel a sense of hunger, because I adore doing that and do it very well by the way!
Person I am looking for:
My wishes about my future beloved man?! Of course he is very kind to people! Especially to women and children! He is very brave, manful and courageous! He is even-tempered and polite! I would like to see generosity in his character. He is very attentive towards me. Do I ask too much? I hope not and I hope I will find you soon and we will live happily as long as we live! Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions I would gladly answer all of them!
Age of a person I am looking for:
27 - 50 y.o.