Meeting the right life-partner is very important to be happy. Nothing like meeting face to face really discovers if the person you have been looking for is really here. Our agency is happy to arrange Romantic Tours to the Ukraine, Kharkov city, where your soul-mate and lover can be found by you. Vising Kharkov with the help of our agency will bring you exciting impression from meeting beautiful, intelligent and well-educated Ukrainian women, and – which is the most important - help you to make the right choice.

Our Romantic Tours are arranged on the highest level and help you to avoid any sort of worries and inconveniences. We provide full range of services from VIP picking up to familiarising you with local traditions.

We do everything for you to concentrate only on the meetings with beautiful Ukrainian ladies and spending a great time in Kharkov.

Romantic Tours organized in Kharkov, Ukraine to meet the beautiful ladies

If you are looking for a woman of your dreams, then Romantic Tour is a very important step in finding an ideal partner. There are several types of Romantic Tours that we provide. You are supposed to choose those women, with whom you are interested to meet in person.

Once you are ensured that Ukrainian woman is what you are looking for, you should take a romantic tour to the Ukraine. Being warned about your coming, our agency will prepare your personal tour schedule. This schedule will include all your requirements and meeting the women you have chosen to get to know better. It is up to you whether you want to meet particular woman, whom you have been writing to, or maybe you want to meet women, which are single and also are looking for a man of their dreams.

Although the main stay is in Kharkov, Ukraine, the tour to another city can be also arranged on demand. 

The Romantic tour in Kharkov includes:

  •  Providing visa support.  
  •  Picking up/dropping off from/to arrival/departure point.
  •  Accomodation.
  •  Arranging meetings with candidates.
  •  Translation services.
  •  Information and help.


Providing visa support

If you are from the country which requires having a visa on entering the Ukraine, we will provide you with visa support. Once we have received the receipt of your deposit, we will issue and send you within 24 hours a special form to fill out. Having the completed form back, we will issue an invitation, which will be faxed out to you and an embassy. After this, you will have to complete the actions, which are required by the embassy, like filling out the papers, paying fees, etc.

In order to save some money it is recommended to apply for visa at least 30-45 days in advance from your desirable day of arrival.


Picking up/dropping off from/to arrival/departure point

When you arrive, our staff will arrange meeting you and transportation to the place of your stay. After your Romantic Tour is finished, you will be transported to the departure point back. Our agency provides 24/7 transportation service.



Our agency provides its client with a nice and comfortable stay, while romantic tour.  The accommodations which we offer are fully equipped private apartments. If you chose one of our apartments, you will experience nice and clean stay in the building conveniently located in safe parts of the city. In case you prefer stay in a hotel, our staff will arrange for you booking in a nice hotel, where breakfast, laundry services, housekeeping, shopping assistance are included. We always make sure that we have chosen the best variant for the clients according to their wishes. However, if you desire to have something special, for an additional cost it also can be arranged by our staff.  


Arranging meetings with candidates

Being in Kharkov city is a great opportunity to meet and get to know many Ukrainian women. From our specially made catalog, you can see what women are waiting to meet their future husband. If you are interested in meeting with someone of them, you can let us know, and will we contact the woman. The chances that woman will arrive on the meeting, knowing that the man is in the city, are very high. However, it is always better to have some mailing with each other before arriving, because it highly increases chances of choosing the right person. If you have not arrange the Romantic Tour and arrived on your own, you still have an opportunity to look through our catalog and choose a lady to meet.


Translation services

Our agency will provide you with translation services on your demand.  You can also invite a translator apart from our agency.  Your assistant-translator will arrange contacting the women you have chosen and take care of others your needs.


Information and help

Our agency understands how many questions you can come up with, and that is why the support is provided for you from Monday to Saturday. For a nominal fee the extended service or emergency is provided 24/7.


How we work

Our agency is deeply oriented on personal situation of each of our clients, on their individual point of view and desires.  We know that getting to know each other better requires special atmosphere, without distracting background. There will not be worries about different arrangements from your side; because everything will be taken care of by the professional staff of our agency. Whatever the romantic tour of yours may include - reservations, booking, sights excursions, meetings, etc – all will be arrange on the highest level. You should not be worried about your conversation with a partner, because our agency will provide you with a high- professional translator to assist you, while the meeting, if it is needed. Meeting face to face is the best way to understand if this person is what you are looking for. All the sides are treated with respect and provided with all conditions to have a good time together and get to know each other enough to make a decision. All our actions are held according to the clients’ desires.


SPECIAL OFFER additionally includes:                             

  •   Stay for 7 days and 6 nights.
  •  VIP service at the Kharkov airport on arrival/departure.
  •  Special food package “Welcome to the Ukraine”.
  •  VIP treatment& individual approach.
  •  Rental of mobile phone free of charge.
  •  Translation service is provided for every first meeting with the ladies within one hour.
  •  On demand you will be provided with feedback on ladies feelings to you.


The Prices and conditions for the Romantic Tour:

  •  The Romantic Tour price is 130 per day (the price for our Special Offer is $1199)
  •  The minimum stay is 4 days.
  •  Deposit must be provided of 40% per day.
  •  Deposits are paid at least 30 days in advance.
  •  Deposits will not be refunded.
  •  Deposits are paid by bank transfer, credit card, Western Union.
  •  All the costs of Tour must be paid within 24 hours after your arrival

Other costs description:

  • The price for transportation from Kharkov airport/train station/bus station to your place of stay and back is $30 one way.
  • The price for our services on arrangement your meeting with a lady is $20 for each lady (if the Romantic Tour is not prepaid).
  •  The price for translation services ranges from $9 to $13 per hour. There are discounts on services held longer than 6 hours a day.


Payment options