Make one step – send a letter and you will see how your life can be different

The procedure of sending letter is easy. You must send a letter and your lady will pick it up from our agency. We will say you honestly if the lady does not want to communicate with you. In this case you will get answer “Not interested”. If you get this answer you must try to find another lady.

Our agency works with ladies very properly because we take responsibility in front of you. We check her marital status and identity with passport. And even if the lady does not know language we have professional interpreters who will help you.

Date Ua as compare to other agencies offer affordable charges to every letter and photo. Also we provide Ukrainian ladies with Internet connection if they do not have it at home.

The reasons why Ukrainian ladies register in marriage agency

There are many reasons for it and the main is that any registered lady is protected from any bad-behaved men. Also the agency provide all service and to find life partner much more easier. And lady has this opportunity to talk to only one guy, which is honest and really well. 

Date Ua knows all this rules and our aim is to find your life partner as soon as possible without taking extra charges from you.

Communication on our site is not free and you can ask the reason of it. We can explain. Information on other sites can be fake because no one is checking it. Our website accept ladies’ portfolio after long check up. Except it we select a lady by her personality because we must be sure in her aims about family.

Also our charges depend on our work with correspondence and even you wrote to ten ladies you would get answer from all of them. And on free website it is just like a lottery – you can write and wait for the answer for long time without any hope.

First your step is to write an introduction letter to the lady. It must contain information about you. You must stress those features which you have and which can attract lady. This letter will be the first step to start conversation but to start it your letter must be really unique and interesting to the lady.