Dear Gentlemen!

Computers and the Internet are the most characteristic features of modern civilization. People are united into one community with the help of the Internet. It helps to promote goods and services, share information, send messages, find friends and like-minded people all over the world.

But of course you know that dishonorable and dishonest people use the Internet also. They use different fraud schemes which can cost you hundreds of dollars.
Such situation is to be observed in many marriage agencies which sell womens addresses to their foreign clients-men. And agencys job comes to an end with it. In a short time some dishonest women begin to ask men they are in correspondence with for money. Usually they invent different tricks to get money from you. She can tell you that she have to pay expensive Internet bills or that she or her mother (brother, sister, dear uncle or dog Terry - it doesnt matter) is seriously ill so the poor girl needs money to buy expensive medicine. Or even she fell in love with you so much (during the correspondence!) that she is ready to buy a ticket and fly to you to the USA (Italy, Canada, Australia or Germany), but the ticket is so expensive etc. Of course the man wants to help poor girl and send money. But after that the girl vanishes to squeeze money from another client.

To avoid this situation our agency works in different way. We respect and value our clients. Thats why we dont place our foreign clients contact information at girls disposal. Also we dont sell girls addresses because there can be potential scammers. Women correspond through our agency, thats why all attempts to scam will be stopped at once. Thats why exactly you may be sure that you wont be scammed and your e-mail box wont be overfilled with spam.

But in general we dont advise to correspond long time with a girl you like. Its better to come to Ukraine and meet her in real life. To look at her beautiful eyes, to see her face, to hear her voice all these you can do only on meeting your lady. Besides, if you and your lady will decide to marry, personal meeting is necessary to receive the so-called fiancee visa.

DateUa Agency team wishes you good luck and happy future with your Ukrainian wife!