About us

Is there difference between our agency and other agencies?

 Our Marriage agency has considerable differences from other agencies. First of all we are interested in result, second the selection of ladies is very strict. We check not just her identity with passport but also try to know her aims. For this we make many interviews with her. After all check up we accept her portfolio.

Next is the difference about our attitude to man. We try to know all information about any man and his preference about lady. It is very important to find desired lady for every member of our marriage agency.

We are glad with our good reputation. But to have it we made so many steps. Our main point is not to give our contacts and database to other companies. You are completely protected from it with us. Any member has strong confidence with us because we not allow anyone else talk with the same lady. You can be sure that only you talk to this Ukrainian woman.

Next point about us is that we start our work from communication and understanding, which lady you are looking for. It is easy because you will get list of question and must give honest answers.

Even you decide to visit Ukraine we will make all things easy for you. All your routine problems is our responsibility and you can concentrate on searching your lady.

All charges for staying in Ukraine is affordable because we will offer you to stay in accommodation, which is in good location and at the same time very cheap.

We also help you to get visa to our country and make registration for your stay there.